FTE Explores Smokin’ 1995 Ford F-150 4×4

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After owning a 1968 F-100, Rangers and even Mustangs, Instagrammer  Jeremy VanDyke’s current pride and joy is a gorgeous 1995 F-150.

We at Ford Truck Enthusiasts scout the web for the latest and greatest on all things Ford trucks. Funny enough, sometimes the newest and coolest finds don’t involve modern trucks, but quite the opposite. While at 22 years of age this stunning F-150 isn’t technically a “classic” (such honor is reserved for rides between 25 and 50-years-old), we couldn’t help but fall in love with this blast-from-the-past.


Instagram serves as an excellent forum to expose one’s hobbies. For Jeremy VanDyke, whose Instagram handle is jvandyke14, that includes his motorcycles, trucks, dog, and many awesome travels. We had a chance to exchange a few messages with the man behind the feed.

According to VanDyke, he’s owned this 1995 F-150 for about a year, but it’s certainly not his first Blue Oval. His first was a 1968 F-100, which dates back to his high school days. He admits to regretting selling it but claims he’s always on the hunt for another one. He also shared with us about his other Ford rides, “I’ve had a few Mustangs (75, 87, 94), a few Rangers (97, 99, 2000), and my current daily: a 2011.”

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The F-150 featured here sports what VanDyke calls a Medium Lapis Blue paint, although our own research turned up names like Lapis Metallic, Bright Lapis, and other similar codes. Regardless, it looks pretty darn sweet. Speaking of sweet, under the hood is a 5.0-liter V8 paired to an automatic transmission, which we can imagine delivers a great mix of power and everyday comfort.

“I grew up with a love for Ford trucks,” says VanDyke, “but living in New England it’s hard to find clean samples without rust. After searching on and off, I stumbled across this 1995 and I knew I had to have it! I plan on enjoying it for many years to come.”


VanDyke says the 4×4 truck is mostly stock, aside from clear headlights and turn signals, a Flowmaster muffler with a turndown tip under the bed, and F-250 coil springs. If you’re wondering about the last bit, those were necessary to clear the 33×12.5/15 BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires. All in all, an excellent package.

Make sure to stop by his Instagram account to check out more of his awesome truck. Oh, and don’t forget to double-tap to like, and definitely give him a follow. Just like his profile says, “You gotta keep on keepin’ on!”

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Jerry Perez is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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