2018 F-150 Platinum Takes a Mud Bath (Video)

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The range-topping F-150 may be a sparkly and luxurious pickup, but that doesn’t stop it from getting down and dirty.

The F-150 Raptor isn’t for everyone. If you live in a remote area or if you’re an off-road enthusiast, it makes perfect sense. That being said, just because the rest of the F-150 lineup sports pretty chrome accents instead of rugged metal or plastic, it doesn’t mean they can’t tackle the trails. Behold the 2018 Ford F-150 Platinum.

The guys at The Fast Lane Truck got their hands on a new $63,000 Platinum during the 2018 F-150 media drive. Of course, the purpose of the trip wasn’t to see how the F-150 performs in the mud, but the off-road fanatics veered off the beaten path to find out anyway. After all, we all know that the pricey truck will do just fine on trips to the store.

They admit that Ford set up a course that isn’t very taxing on the truck. The new pickup makes it through the bumps and hills like a champ, with no major challenges to worry about. They’re quick to point out, however, that the average customer probably would be too scared to take a luxury truck anywhere near trees and rocks. However, if you want to, the option is there.


Ultimately, the video ends with the “money shot,” as they call it. The Platinum drives straight through a mud pit, which Ford hopes shows that even their most luxurious F-150 is still rugged and tough. Obviously, the truck handles it just fine, only getting the pretty pearlescent paint a bit dirty.

What kind of truck guy are you, Platinum or Raptor?

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