1994 F-150 Fires Up Its Mighty Inline-Six: Tire Smokin’ Tuesday

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A secluded forest might be a questionable location for an F-150 burnout, but the final results are everything but.

Nearly all the Ford trucks featured on “Tire Smokin’ Tuesday” are on the streets, a drag strip, a parking lot, or simply some kind of paved surface. This time around, not so much. This week’s video by oldreliable303 Justin Scott showcases a 1994 F-150 doing a burnout in the woods without a paved road in sight – but that doesn’t matter one bit!

Making this video even more unusual is the fact that this F-150 is powered by a 300-cubic-inch, inline-six engine. While we have featured other inline-six F-150s before, few of them have been modified the way this one has. According to the video description, after the owner purchased this truck from the local junkyard, he pulled the engine apart and ported and polished the cylinder heads, added a new intake manifold and exhaust system, and rebuilt the five-speed manual transmission.


The proud new owner also claims to have added a camshaft from “an old tractor.” For those of you who aren’t aware, a similar version of this engine was used in farm machinery, so while the idea of using tractor parts in a 1994 F-150 might seem unusual – it is feasible. The more you know!

After the killer burnout, the video ends with a humorous walk-around and a special look at his surprisingly clean engine bay.


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