Is This the New Ford Focus-Based Compact Pickup?

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Ford courier

Based on recent spy shots and rumors, we imagine what the new Ford Courier will look like.

Recent rumors have suggested that we might be seeing a new compact pickup from Ford. This would likely be the Ford Courier. Excited by the possible rig, we decided to create a rendering based on spy shots recently shared by Motor 1. And if the new Ford compact pickup truck looks anything like this, we sure hope they do bring it to the United States.

Very little is known about the upcoming truck at this point. Numerous sources have suggested that the new tiny hauler is based on the Ford Focus platform. Given that fact, and by looking very closely at the covered-up test mule, we put two and two together. The new small truck will have a raised SUV/CUV ride height, as is visible in the spy shots. And what SUV does Ford already make that is based on the Focus platform? The Escape, of course! And with careful examination, it is easy to see the similarities in the proportions of this test mule and the current Escape.

The styling details are hidden under the camo. But we believe that the look of the compact truck should bear the sporty and rugged personality of Ford trucks. The utilitarian look of the Ford-branded grill and the front bumper give this truck an aggressive look. And if there is to be a performance version for the truck, (Raptor please!) it will surely be a cool-looking vehicle to drive around town in.

Ford’s new ultra-efficient 1.5-liter Ecoboost motor is the likely source of power. Capable of just under 200 horsepower, the unit won’t exactly be the best for towing large trailers. But for hauling smaller loads in the inner city, the new truck should do just fine. Plus, with the smaller frame, it will make for a nice and nimble off-road adventure truck, too.

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