Gorgeous 1966 Ford F-250 4×4 Has Us Counting Pennies

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1966 Ford F-250 4x4

With a perfect color combo, rare features, and zero rot, this stunning Ford has everything we love and nothing we don’t.

Like most people, we know what we like. We obviously love classic Ford trucks, especially when they’re painted in equally classic hues. Throw in a bit of inherent rareness, and you’ve really got our attention. So when we came across this beautiful turquoise/white 1966 Ford F-250 at The Classic Car Network, it obviously made our scrolling finger stop in its tracks. Not to mention dumping out the old change jar to see if we could scrap together enough dough to bring it home.

But when you consider what you’re looking at here, you can’t blame us for going to such extremes. Any ’60s-era Ford 4×4 is a rare sight, for starters. And many have been modified or fitted with silly modern wheels and outrageously large tires. But not this ’66, which sits perfectly and still sports its modest original steel wheels.

1966 Ford F-250

Thanks to a life in the desert, this old Ford also reportedly packs zero rust. No word on whether or not it’s received body or paint work. But the exterior is in simply amazing condition save for some minor fading. And truthfully, is there any color combo that better suits these trucks than turquoise and white? According to the seller, this survivor has only received a few new parts, mostly to replace typical wear items. And that’s rather amazing.

1966 Ford F-250

Throw in a 390 V8 and 4-speed manual transmission, and this old Ford has pretty much everything we’d want on a truck of this vintage. It’s a real box checker, and a truck that’s only going to go up in value as the years go by!

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