Ingenious Ford F-150 Seat Cover Lets You Bring Along Your Best Friend

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Ford truck owners with pets already know how terrible cheap seat covers are. But we’ve found the perfect solution.

Chances are, if you own a Ford truck, you also own a dog. These two things just naturally go together, like peanut butter and jelly. Which is why they’re featured prominently in pretty much every country song you’ve ever heard. But as all pet and truck owners already know, there is a huge downside to bringing your best pal everywhere you go. And that’s the ridiculous mess they leave behind.

Like every other problem in life, plenty of enterprising companies have come up with solutions for this little issue of muddy paws, excessive shedding, and fountains of drool. Problem is, these cheap seat covers are just that — cheap. At least in our case, Fido tends to easily detach and/or tear them up within seconds of hopping in the back of our Ford F-150. And in the process, we’ve spent countless dollars trying to find the right one.

That long search is what led us to discover this rather nifty solution from 4Knines. The company specializes in high-quality seat covers and cargo liners that promise not fall apart after a couple of uses. Credit that to the fact that the folks who make them are dog owners themselves. They’ve also revised their designs multiple times over the years based on feedback from real customers. The result is a tough and durable product that also looks pretty darn comfy.

Ford F-150 Pet Seat Cover

4Knines sells all sorts of products, but we’re guessing that you’ll be most interested in the crew cab rear seat cover. It’s designed specifically to fit the rear seat of a Ford F-150, and it also has some ingenious features that really set it apart. This one allows you to fold up one or both sides of the seat bottom, a feature that no other cover on the market can lay claim to. You can also use all three seatbelts and/or child safety latches and even the armrest while the cover is in place.

Ford F-150 Pet Seat Cover

Even better 4Knines covers aren’t made with any harsh dyes or heavy metals that could hurt your pet. They 100% waterproof in case of an accident (or excessive drool). And since they have a non-slip backing and deep pockets, they won’t slip off like those other cheap covers.


4Knines’ crew cab rear seat cover is designed specifically to fit the rear seat of a Ford F-150, and it also has some ingenious features that really set it apart.


Cleaning them off is a snap too, as 4Knines covers are designed to be hosed off, wiped down, or even thrown in the washer.

Ford F-150 Pet Seat Cover

4Knine covers are puncture resistant and UV protected. So you don’t have to worry about damage from your pet’s nails or the sun. But perhaps the coolest thing about this cover is that it also features a built-in hammock at the bottom. Simply un-velcro it and attach it to your front seat headrests, and you’ve got a way to keep your pup off the floor of your Ford. Plus, it creates a barrier in the console area in case Fido gets a little excited and tries to jump in the driver’s seat.

Ford F-150 Pet Seat Cover

Lastly, if you’re like us, you’ll probably be removing and installing a cover like this a lot. And personally, we’ve found many other covers out there to be a giant pain in this regard. But installing the 4Knines cover is thankfully very simple. All you have to do is lay it across your seat, then pull the secure the straps around the headrests. Give them a quick pull to tighten up the straps, then unzip the bottom portion. Next, flip the seats up and pull the pockets over the seat bottoms. At this point you’re all finished, unless you want to use the hammock.

Ford F-150 Pet Seat Cover

Thankfully for us truck and pet owners, 4Knines has taken a simple, common product and perfected it. And if you’ve gone through countless other inferior covers like we have, that makes them worth every single penny! So be sure and head over here to check out this cover and all the other ingenious products 4Knines has to offer.

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