Tips on Washing Your Huge Ford Super Duty

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Ford Super Duty Washed

Washing a truck as tall as the modern Ford Super Duty isn’t easy, but with the right tools, it is possible. And with spring on the way, now’s the time to check out FTE‘s proven tips.

The modern Super Duty pickups are the biggest trucks of their kind that Ford has ever offered, while also being the most powerful and offering the most technology. These big, beautiful trucks are expensive, so it makes sense that owners would want to keep them looking as nice as possible, but it isn’t easy to wash a vehicle of this size in your driveway. Fortunately, cleaning up a truck that is the size of a new Super Duty is a difficult task for even very tall owners, so the community is packed with advice on how to clean a roof that is a foot above your head.

The Introduction

This Ford Trucks Enthusiasts forum thread discussing ways to clean up the 2017-and-newer Ford Super Duty was started by “nomad_archer”, who drives a 2017 F-350 Crew Cab with the long bed covered by a hard tonneau.

So the time has come to give my truck its first bath and I’m trying to figure out the best way to wash this thing. I have an F350 CCLB with a hard tonneau cover. When I stand next to the truck, the mirrors are about head level. So I figured I am going to need a ladder but I’m looking for any tips and tricks you have found to wash and dry these massive trucks. Thanks in advance.

Provided that it is four-wheel-drive, it is one of the Motor Company’s tallest trucks, but even in rear-drive form, this is a big truck. Reaching the middle of the hood or the middle of the tonneau cover would be tough for the world’s tallest people, so it is a problem for all owners.

Well, all owners who care about their trucks being clean.

Tips for Cleaning

The first member of the community to respond was “FATC1TY”, who explained exactly how he shines up his truck.

I use my pressure washer with a foam cannon.. wet it down. Foam it. Use a bucket and wash, long handled cleaner for the top, and hard cover.

Rinse it. Foam it again with a gloss enhancer, rinse and the water beads off. Drive it. Use a blower and wipe it down and I’m done.

My truck is a 350 and lifted 4in on 37s. I ain’t making it thru any car wash any time soon.

Next, professional detailer “Smirks90” offered his insight on how to keep a nice truck looking nice.

I run a professional detail shop out of my home and I’ll 💯 be ceramic coating my truck as soon as it gets in from the factory. As far as washing it avoid a brush and just hand wash with a micro fiber mit or use the two bucket technique. I foam cannon and microfiber mit the 2016 I have now. Can’t wait for a fesh start on a truck I ordered new!!

Blueglide” reinforced the idea of using a microfiber cloth for simple handwashing and “copper1977” shared the picture of the stool used to wash his Super Duty.

Ford Truck Wash Stool


NorEasterMA” asked if others use the tires as a stool.

Am I the only one that just climbs up on the front tire to wash the hood? I do need to get a foam canon this year, but microfiber mit is the way to go. Get in the bed for the roof and stand on the tires for the hood, bingo you’re done. On a similar topic, I use a 6 foot broom handle with a squeegee/brush head as my snowbroom.

While “Poncho450” shared the picture below of a step that you hang over your tires, making it easier to reach the windshield and hood.

Ford Tire Step

Finally, “pruav” shared pictures of his white FX4 while being cleaned, explaining what he uses to shine it up.

Some of the stuff I use pressure washer, foam cannon, 3 step stool to reach roof, sheepskin wash mitt, leaf blower, and microfiber towels.

Ford Super Duty Cleaning Kit

Go to a Car Wash

While many members had advice on how to self-clean a new Ford truck, other members don’t have the time to hand-wash the truck, so they go to drive-through automatic car washes. To many people, these types of places are a no-go, due to the concern of the automated system beating up the vehicle, but several members rely on these drive-through businesses to clean up their Super Duty.

The first was “Poncho450”:

Easy. Subscription car wash. $26.99 a month and I can go every day if I like. Does a nice job, no issues with antenna, paint, etc.

While “Kaadk” has mixed feelings about the automated car wash.

I’ve taken it through the local touchless car wash, but being only 3″ or so under the posted max height, I find it really does an even lousier job compared to other vehicles I’ve taken through there. It’s good enough to rinse the crud, but you can see the residual water spots. Problem is, I rarely have an afternoon to dedicate to meticulously clean it like it should be.

The car wash in the area of “mpgsfan” caters to big trucks.

Local touchless car wash, lucked out. They upgraded the system and I saw a sign “Dually’s Welcome” and took a chance.

Does a great job getting the crap off my Ruby Red F450 I dont try to keep it too clean, just ends up dirty in a day or two.

Leave It Dirty!

Finally, a handful of members posted to state that they rarely or never wash their trucks.

The first was “whirledpeaz”, who washed it once.

I’ve washed mine once. Haven’t found the time or energy to do it again yet.

Mortock” lives on a dirt road, so washing is pointless.

I live on a dirt/mud road, so I let Mother Nature wash the truck whenever it rains.

Driving home the point of the dirty truck, “undl8r” shared this sweet muddy Super Duty picture.

It’s easy, I don’t wash it.

Muddy Ford Super Duty

Click here to head into the thread to share insight on how you wash your Ford Super Duty, or to read through the many other replies with tips and tricks.

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