Watch the “Apollo 13 Ford” Blast Off!

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Ford Mega Truck Jump


Truck jumps are truly amazing. Ford truck jumps are much, much better. This video shows a superb, lifted Ford jumping high into the sky during the freestyle segment of the Barnyard Boggers Top Truck Challenge. The driver – Lenny – doesn’t take it easy on his so-called “Apollo 13 Ford,” and the result is high, long, and glorious. The silhouette of the truck against the sun certainly doesn’t hurt the feeling of awe that the scene generates, either.

After a loud¬†round of applause and a few¬†excited, adrenaline-induced cheers the Ford finally rolls to a stop. If you keep watching you’ll soon see the damage that the truck took. Despite the initial painful look of the landing, the true toll it took seems to be a bit less. Though certainly not intact from the impact, the Apollo 13 Ford still drove away with its pride held high and battle scars clearly displayed.

Take a look at the video below and enjoy the leisure of your chair and your keyboard as you wish you could be behind the wheel of this mega truck as it soars across the sunlit sky!

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