Tire Smokin’: A Ford F-350 Massive Burnout & Drift!

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f350 diesel burnout spin 600

This week’s Tire Smokin’ feature features a fairly new Ford F-350 Super Duty pickup powered by the PowerStroke diesel engine that is doing some crazy, smokey burnouts with a nice mix of black diesel soot as a bonus.

It is unclear what modifications have been made to this F-350 and its 6.7L PowerStroke diesel engine, but I would guess that at least a few dollars have been spent to make one of America’s strongest trucks even tougher.

The burnout performed by this diesel F-350 is an unusual one with the amount of slide…as this borders on what the import crowd might call “drifting”.


After the Super Duty wiggles its way past the cameraman moving from left to right with the rear end moving away from the camera, the driver whips the end all of the way around and spins the truck to point back from whence it came.

After that, the driver does another nice smokey burnout with this diesel F-350 – packing in a little more awesomeness before the clip comes to an end.

This PowerStroke diesel F-350 sounds great as it is destroying the tires so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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