Truckin’ Fast: Super Duty Crushes Camaro SS

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super duty v camaro ss 600
This week’s Truckin’ Fast clip features a Ford Super Duty powered by a PowerStroke diesel engine on the quarter mile drag strip, racing against a 5th generation Chevrolet Camaro SS. Even with the horrible reaction time which allowed the Camaro a short head start, the Super Duty smokes its way past the Camaro quickly and continues to pull ahead down through the quarter mile.In the end, the Super Duty runs a 13.16 at 102.36 miles per hour while the Camaro runs a balmy 14.45 at 101.13 miles per hour.

Now, there might be some of you reading this and questioning why the Camaro SS was so slow. Bandimere Speedway is located at a very high elevation so the air is thinner. That thinner allows engines to make less power (relative to racing at sea level) and because of that, vehicles run slower at Bandimere than they do at other tracks at lower elevations.

This Camaro would likely be a second quicker or so in perfect conditions at some other track, but so would the Super Duty. In other words – there is little doubt that this PowerStroke driven Ford Super Duty could run well into the 12 second range on a quicker track.

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