Watch a Ford Raptor Race Truck’s Insane Jump

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Ford Raptor Race Truck Jumps

We’ve certainly seen countless crazy jumps, but this one is most definitely one of the most spectacular. This is a Ford Raptor race truck, and it is made for the dunes on Pismo Beach.

Mike Higgins in piloting the rig and spectators are gathered everywhere, waiting for the leap. When the truck does launch into the air, calling it a jump seems to be an understatement. Maybe the rig just wasn’t affected by gravity. Whichever is more likely, this video is a pleasure to watch.


There are several camera angle, including from under the chassis, which make this clip even more fun to watch. The Ford sounds amazing throughout the whole thing — gotta love the roar of that engine!

You can even hear the crowd cheer as the rig comes in for a landing. If you wait a little longer into the video you’ll get to watch the events in slow motion, which is pretty neat.

So go ahead and sit back and relax and press play — you’ll enjoy it!

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