TIRE SMOKIN’ Diesel F-350 Roasts the Rears at a Car Show

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This week’s Tire Smokin’ video features a newer Ford F-350 pickup participating in a burnout competition at a car show in Putnam, Connecticut. We don’t know anything about the F-350 outside of the fact that it is packing a PowerStroke diesel engine, but I suspect that there are at least some minor modifications made to help this big Ford pickup do an incredible burnout.

When the video begins, the F-350 is off in the distance, preparing to do a burnout between two rods of concrete safely barriers. At first, the big Ford appears to be having a hard time getting the tires to smoke, but when the driver lets the truck creep towards the camera a bit – the rear tires really start to create some serious smoke.


The more the F-350 rolls forward, the harder the PowerStroke diesel engine smokes the tires so as this burnout goes on, the smoke just gets thicker and thicker.

I don’t know how well this guy did in the burnout competition, but his Ford F-350 did a fine job of representing trucks everywhere with this effort. Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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