HUMP DAY JUMP Raptor Flies at Silver Lake Sand Dunes!

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Ford Raptor Jumps at Silver Lake Sand Dunes

There are always mixed opinions regarding the Ford Raptor. Some Ford truck enthusiasts love it while others find it to just be a souped-up F-150. Regardless of your opinion on the truck itself, there is no denying that the thing can, indeed, fly.

This particular truck is a 2010 Raptor which has been improved upon by Lenger Racing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The 6.2L is equipped with headers and has been tuned by Hennessey Performance.

In addition, the rig has 3.0 King shocks, a Magnaflow exhaust, Lenger Racing bumpers, and more.

As you watch the video the first thing you will notice is that the truck sounds just wonderful as it sits there and rumbles at an idle. No one can deny that. And that oh-so-sweet rumble doesn’t lie — the rig runs and jumps just like it sounds like it should.

The Raptor bounds over the sand dunes with relative ease and slides right back down on the other side, unfazed. The driver jumps the truck many times in the video, and who can blame him?

Check out the video below and envy at the fact that you don’t live near to these sand dunes. And if you do live near them, feel free to gloat! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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