Roush F-150 Supercharged VS Supercharged Tundra

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Talk about an even match up! Races like this just prove that raw speed isn’t the only thing that makes drag racing exciting. Compared to real, fast trucks, 13 seconds isn’t all that, but that’s still pretty quick for your daily driver.

The silver Ford on the left lane is our hero. It’s a 2011 5-liter V8 with a Roush blower and a tune. A stock F-150 with the same power train is roughly 15 seconds, so his tune and supercharger have clearly made a huuuge improvement.

What makes it interesting is that the Toyota is putting down similar numbers. The result is a very close race. I won’t spoil who wins it, but even then, how close they are is more entertaining than the actual vehicles. Good stuff.

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