How Sweet is This 1931 Ford Model A Ice Cream Truck?

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Think back to when you were a kid. You had to eat your dinner before you could have dessert. Those green beans felt like work, didn’t they? You had to put in that work to get your sweet reward, though.

Things turned out similarly with the 1931 Ford Model A Good Humors Ice Cream truck you see here. After sinking $5,000 into a pile of rusted components and truck body parts about 10 years ago, Joe Hornacek, an avid car restorer, had to put in the time and effort to turn them into one sweet vehicle.

The process took Hornacek a decade, but he finished it – earlier this month. He started with the ice cream box, which reads “Good Humors.” “Humors” was synonymous with “flavors”. As we all know, the “s” in the company’s name was later dropped.

Hornacek put $35,000 into his build, which spanned everything from the Model A’s 201-cubic inch, 40-horsepower four-cylinder engine to its three-speed non-synchronized transmission to its mechanical brakes to its 6-volt electrical system. The retired electrical engineer is color blind, so he chose not to paint his museum-quality masterpiece himself.

That’s right – museum quality. Hornacek’s hard work earned his truck a spot in the Ford Model A Museum in Kalamazoo, Michigan through this month.

One of these days, Hornacek wants to pass out free ice cream from his Model A to the kids at local children’s hospitals and schools.

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via [Houston Chronicle]

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