TRUCKED UP When You Get Caught Cheating, You Get a 4×4 to the Windshield

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We’re not sure what went down with this couple as to lead to this situation, but the sheer ridiculousness of what then transpired is definitely news worthy. For those of you that like to cheat on your spouses, take notice, you could end up in this situation.

According to the Telegraph in the UK, a 29 year old man, after finding out his girlfriend was cheating on him, took his off-road prepped 4×4 pickup truck, found the guy’s car, and then proceed to roll over said car with the truck.


This all happened in Australia a few days ago, and the man that crushed the car with the truck was caught after posting images of him doing the deed on Facebook with a lovely caption of swears and calling the dude out that was cheating with his girlfriend.

However, it’s not unexpected since according to the man’s Facebook, the woman in question is the mother of his three kids and the guy she was seeing was his best friend. Just let that be a lesson to everyone out there, shit can go down and get ugly real quickly.

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