“Cowboy Cadillacs” and the Rising Cost of Pickup Trucks

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2015 Ford F-150 Platinum

Tomorrow I’ll be receiving a 2015 F-150 in for review. Today I received the window sticker for that vehicle. It’s a 2015 Ford F-150 Platinum 4×4, and it’s practically fully-loaded. The sticker price on that truck is $62,095. That seems like a lot of cash for a half-ton pickup truck, but it also seems there’s no upper-end to what people will pay for pickup trucks. Is the “Cowboy Cadillac” the way of the truck future?

Living in Ohio, I know people who own trucks, and I understand the need for a pickup truck. Unlike some, I even think a proper household will have a pickup truck in its fleet of vehicles. Sure, it may not be driven every day, but there comes a time when having a truck is handy.


But to really understand the expensive truck trend, we need to look no further than Texas. Ford sells a large proportion of their trucks in Texas. Why do you think the King Ranch trim is such a popular seller?

In large numbers, Texans want their trucks to be able to do everything. A strong parallel is the Ute craze in Australia. The story goes that an unnamed woman wrote a letter to Ford saying she wanted a vehicle she could go to church on Sunday and carry her pigs to market on Monday. Ford ended up being the first to market with the Ute in Australia.

The same applies here in the United States with Texans and their trucks. Sure, a basic work truck could perform many of the tasks on the ranch, but why purchase a truck and then have to purchase a luxury car to go along with it? Instead of dropping $30,000 on a truck and then $40,000 on a car, just purchase one vehicle that can do it all.

2015 Ford Falcon Ute

That leads us to the 2015 Ford F-150 that I’m going to receive tomorrow for a media loan. This Platinum edition of the truck has features that you only recently been able to find on luxury cars. Adaptive cruise control? Check. Lane keeping? Check. LED headlights? Check.

This truck, quite literally, could drive itself down the highway while pulling a trailer.

The fact of the matter is that if you were going to purchase a truck and a car, with the car having the luxury features, you’d end up spending just as much, or more, on your purchase. Plus you’ll have two vehicles you need to insure and take care of. A truck like the F-150 Platinum, in theory, could do it all.

I would be scared to death to scratch up or damage my $62,000 vehicle, but that doesn’t seem to slow people down from buying these luxury trucks. Neither does the price that they’re sold for. Last year, remember, Ford dominated the luxury vehicle marketplace with trucks over $50,000.

I also don’t see the trend ending anytime soon. As long as there are people willing to pay big bucks for their next truck, manufacturers are going to continue to build them. Fortunately, you can still custom order a F-150 exactly the way you want it from Ford. Hopefully, they don’t take that away anytime soon.

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Chad Kirchner is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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