Generation to Generation: A 1947 Ford Pickup Project

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It’s always nice to work on a truck with more meaning than just a love for the body style. Ford truck enthusiast Willhunt is currently working on this project, and it was a long time coming. His grandfather bought the pickup in the early 1960s to use as a family truck.

His father worked with his grandfather to build up the classic Ford and they threw in a 345 Cadillac engine and rear end. His father then drove it through high school until, apparently “‘something happened'” with the engine.

Then, in 1973, the truck was left to wait patiently in his grandfather’s pasture until the summer of 1997, when it was passed to Willhunt and he moved it to his shop.


It then sat in the shop for seventeen long years, and now it’s time to rejuvenate the old Ford and bring it back to its original glory.

His grandfather passed away a decade ago, but his one request for the truck was that it be painted in “metal flake bullfrog green” — and that requirement will surely be met.


Willhunt plans to add a MII front suspension, a 9″ rear and 4 link suspension, a Ford 302, a C4 transmission, and an all new interior. So far, the frame has been stripped and sandblasted and the new front suspension has been tack welded on.

Things are moving somewhat slowly, but that can happen when one has the pesky responsibilities of a family to attend to! Either way, this truck will surely be a beauty when complete.

So go drop by Willhunt’s build thread and show your support!

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