Ford, Bring the Ranger Odyssey to the U.S.!

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I’m a big fan of the Ford Ranger. I think it never should’ve been put out of production here in the States. I like small trucks, especially since 98% of the time a small truck is everything you need without all the hassle of massive fuel consumption and a big footprint.

That being said, I understand why Ford cut it. I don’t like it, but it’s understandable in a business sense. But here’s the thing, the Ranger is still in production. Just not here. And where the little truck is in production, it’s killer. Take for example the Ranger Odyssey.


The truck starts off as a bone stock Ranger, but then is optimized to go through some of Africa’s toughest terrain. A year ago, Ford held a rally through Africa where they let 10 contestants take the Ranger Odyssey through Africa to win the chance to drive the car for a full year which also includes money for fuel.

The trucks are fitted with a double cab, snorkel, steel pushbar, skidplates, Rhino lined bed, and a black set of alloy wheels. The frames have also been strengthened which allows the car to pull 3500 kg, and the driveshafts have been replaced with stouter units for the tough terrain ahead.


These trucks are definitely meant to be abused, and are set to be abused starting Sept. when they hit Africa. The trucks will only be available in certain markets, and not all of them will receive the full host of upgrades set to be on the race trucks. Ford, can we just forget what makes business sense and bring some back to the U.S.? Please?

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