Gassed Up: This 1939 Ford Boeing Fuel Truck is Super Fly

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Bring a Trailer prides itself on posting vehicles that are unique and interesting, and this 1939 Ford 1/2-ton truck surely meets that criteria. With less than 19,000 on the ticker, the Shell-branded banana was said to be a gas truck for Boeing with a Bowser Fuel Tank on the rear.


The truck, which is in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., pairs a flathead V8 with a 4-speed transmission. The posting says it has a new fuel tank and exhaust (look at those pipes!), along with a “fresh tune-up.” Running well, just imagine if you rigged a keg in the back of this thing and showed up to a tailgate party … or not, I mean nevermind, I’m not a bro at all, nope.

[Via Craigslist via BaT]

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