Ontario Driver Gives New Meaning to Obstructed View

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Regardless of how good of a snow driver you think you are, you’re not good enough to do it blind.

Or perhaps it wasn’t hubris that compelled this Brussels, Ontario motorist to actually drive this snow-covered truck… or is it a mini van? It couldn’t be a Ford, though we can’t be sure since it’s awfully hard to tell underneath that wall of fluffy white stuff.

Here’s my theory though: this Canuck has been living with winter for far too long up there in Brussels, and he finally felt like there was enough snow around that he could safely drive around without worrying about it. That he could just bump into pretty much anything else on the road, since it too would also be covered in a protective cloud of pow.

Actually, I hope the driver is really just cocky, because my theory is terrible. But so is this guy’s decision-making, so you can’t blame me for trying to find some good.

The reason we know about this daredevil in the first place is because the Ontario Provincial Police have mad Twitter game and they recently posted up this gem:

According to the OPP’s comments on the comments, the driver was charged with driving with an obstructed view and issued a ticket, which should come out to be about $110.

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Via [The Globe and Mail]

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