1989 Ford Trucks on the NASCAR Track

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martin ford truck ad

This week’s Throwback video features NASCAR legend Mark Martin, pushing Ford trucks back in 1989 when he was sponsored by Carolina Ford dealerships. Martin has spent his past few years in a Chevy race car, but in his glory days of the 80s and 90s, he was arguably the top driver from the Ford camp in both the Winston Cup and the Busch Grand National Series – where he was sponsored by Carolina Ford.

This commercial has Mark Martin talking about the new (in 1989) Ford truck lineup, focusing on the Bronco II. Since Martin was a big name in NASCAR back then, the commercial was filmed at a NASCAR track – showing the Ford truck lineup racing down the straightaway. Included in this unusual bunch are the Bronco II, the Econoline van, the Aerostar, the Ranger, the F-150 and the F-250. After sprinting along the track, they dive into the pits and while in the pits, Martin talks us through all of the discounts available on the Ford Bronco II back then.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!



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