Ford’s F-150 Tough Science Takes on the Obstacle Course

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Ford F-150 Tough Science

As part of Ford’s biggest marketing initiative ever for a truck, they worked with John Brenkus of ESPN’s Sport Science to create a series of online videos testing the science of the new truck.

Called Tough Science, Brenkus and company put the new truck to the test.

In this video, titled The Ultimate Game Changer, Brenkus makes a football analogy. The four best running backs of all time weigh approximately 207 lbs and are all less than 6 feet tall.

The point of the analogy that the lighter, more nimble F-150 will also be more capable than a heavier version of the truck.

Ford F-150 Tough Science

They set up an obstacle course designed to test the 2015 F-150. There’s a log test, which stresses the suspension system, and emphasizes how much torque the engine has.

There’s a slalom in which a lower center of gravity is important. In a braking test, weight is the enemy for stopping. Lastly, a giant mud pit is employed to test the truck’s overall power.

Ford F-150 Tough Science

The 2.7L EcoBoost is lighter than the 5.0L Coyote V8, and in a truck that is 700 lbs lighter for 2015, lowers the center of gravity. This helps it in the slalom, while the 2.7L’s torque makes conquering the log test a breeze.

While they don’t get any braking distance numbers, the F-150 does stop short of the big wrecking ball that would turn it into a crushed can.

Finally, and for good visual measure, the truck trounces the mud bog, throwing dirt and mud everywhere. Truck yeah!

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