2001 Ford Urban Explorer Concept Could Be Yours

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Concept cars are weird things. You usually can’t drive them. They cost insane amounts of money due to their hand built nature.

And after the company is done with them, they’re either torn down to salvage some of the parts for future concepts, or sent straight to the crusher so no other company steals their designs.

However, sometimes, these concept cars fall through the cracks and make it out onto the open market. Such is the case with this 2001 Ford Urban Explorer concept.


This Urban Explorer Concept was the CUV before we even knew what a CUV was. It had less off road cred, bigger wheels and tires, more luxury, and a lime green paint job that you could see from space.

It went around the auto shows that season making its normal rounds, then somehow got sold off.


Now, you have a chance to buy a piece of Ford’s concept car history. Even though it never made it to production, and you can’t drive it on public roads, RM is selling this concept at the Motor City sale on July 25th, and has an auction estimate of $30,000. So, any of you in the market for a lawn decoration?

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