One Man Bought Back the Ford Bronco He Never Should Have Sold

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We’ve all had “that truck.” The one that you loved more than anything, but, for some stupid reason, sold. For me, that was a 1965 Ford F100. Aside from the new radiator I stuffed in the nose, it was completely original, down to what was left of the paint and the blue vinyl interior. Chris Russell knows the feeling well. He owned a 1996 Bronco that he spent time customizing to be a great off-road machine. Soon after he bought the truck, the arrival of a new child dictated buying a more practical machine. His darling “Minty” had to find a new home.

Since then, Chris was able to get some more money together and, through the power of Facebook, he tracked down old “Minty” and took her home again. He’s continued to modify the Bronco and it’s now one of the best-looking later models I’ve ever seen.

The entire truck is caged front to rear and has a modified Dana 44 axle up front; Yukon 4.56 gears; and Camburg cut-and-turned beams, heim-jointed radius arms, and shackles. The front of the truck is all fiberglass, courtesy of Fiberwerx. The interior has a console from an Expedition and custom seats from Twisted Stitch.

If you want to know even more about this awesome truck, including more details on all of its modifications, head over to the FourWheeler Network where they have a full write-up and interview with Chris Russell himself.

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