Chevy Still Sucks and Attacks Ford with a Bear

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In one of the most thinly-veiled attempts at getting people to react negatively about a competitor’s product, Chevy has put together one of the most ridiculous commercial attack campaigns I have ever seen.

The new ad titled, Cages: High Strength Steel brings in a focus group into a room and then asks them to choose between a steel cage or and aluminum cage for their own protection as a trainer walks a full grown grizzly bear into the room.

Of course this is a major dig at Ford’s new aluminum bodied F-150, which has become a repeated victim of Chevy’s ads of late. However, Ford has repeatedly shown that their new aluminum F-150 is as strong and durable as the Chevy’s steel body. But none of that matters since everyone is buying into these campaigns. What’s even worse is that Chevy uses more aluminum bodies throughout their product line than Ford does.

So Ford, how are you going to react to this newest stunt? I say just let a cougar inside a Silverado and say, “Look how poor the interior was constructed. Even a cougar can destroy it!”

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