Ford Truck Gets the Ax…Literally!

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Ford windshield axed

Canadian driver survives a flying ax through his windshield. Was he chasing Jason Voorhees? 

Mackenzie Peddle is either the luckiest man alive, or the unluckiest. Recently Peddle survived an ax flying through the windshield of his Ford truck and hitting him on the head. He is fine, and only suffered a few minor injuries. But, like all of us, Peddle is wondering one thing: What the hell happened?!?

Peddle told CBC News that he was on his way home from work in Saskatoon, Canada, and after a long day, he was “just kind of excited to get home.” Unfortunately, those plans were interrupted by a flying ax.

Ford windshield axed

Peddle woke up to the sound of a woman tapping on his window asking if he was OK. He woke up dazed, bloodied, and sitting in his Ford truck with the windshield smashed and an ax in the cab. Somehow, he had managed to pull his Ford F-Series to the side of the road, and his foot remained on the brake pedal. However, Peddle has no idea how he did it.

“At that time I was really confused and kind of disoriented, as you could imagine,” he told CBS News. “And then I remember her pointing over and seeing the ax beside me, and then I was confused as to why that was there.”

Peddle eventually realized that the ax had flown through his windshield and knocked him in the head. “I was just kind of in shock, I guess,” he said. Also a shock: He managed to walk away A-OK, with only a few mild injuries!

Peddle still doesn’t know where the ax came from, how this occurred, and no leads have emerged in the case. The local police i n Saskatoon continue to investigate the bizarre accident.

“My wife said I should mount [the ax] on the wall as a reminder to make sure you’re always tying down the load and making sure everything’s safe before you leave,” Peddle said.


S.J. Bryan is an editor with Ford Truck Enthusiasts and regular contributor to F-150 Online and Harley-Davidson Forums, among other auto sites.

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