Ford Takes Weight Savings Pretty Seriously in the 2015 F-150

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F-150 Steering Knuckles Weight Savings

Seven-hundred pounds. That’s the approximate weight savings of the 2015 Ford F-150 over a similarly-equipped 2014 model. Most of that savings comes from switching to a military-grade, aluminum alloy body over the conventional steel bodies of the past.

Like any weight savings exercise, it’s not one part that saved all the weight, but rather the sum of a bunch of different parts getting lighter. Here’s a short list of some of the parts that were modified in the 2015 F-150 to save precious pounds.

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Obviously components like the aluminum fenders will save weight; 13.7 pounds, but did you know that switching to an electric parking brake saves weight? Switching to it in the 2015 F-150 saves 26.9 pounds!

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When downsizing, it’s important to make sure that the components can still handle the abuse truck drivers might place on the truck. The steering knuckles are half the weight of the previous design at 16.3 pounds, but still managed to survive running the Baja 1000.

Be sure to check out the infographic for more weight savings on the new truck, and let us know what you think by sounding off in the forums!

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