Ford Super Duty Helps Huge Tractor Trailer Climb Icy Hill!

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Ford Super Duty Helps a Tractor Trailer Climb an Icy Hill

Fearless Ford truck is riding on big wheels and low-profile tires, but it still puts in work.

The video above was shared to the Ford Reddit channel and in it, a newer Ford Super Duty appears to be towing an 18-wheeler along a road covered in snow and slush. The truck has the kind of wheel and tire package that most people associate with a pickup that doesn’t do any work. But as this brief footage shows, the gigantic wheels and low-profile tires don’t stop this Super Duty from lending a hand to a struggling motorist.

The Introduction

The amazing clip, which shows just how tough Ford trucks really are, was shared to the Ford channel by curiously-named Redditor EverythingTittysBoii. The truck doing all the heavy work is a Ford Super Duty from the latest generation, and it’s pulling a commercial truck and trailer along a very snowy highway.

There are no details on the footage, but this big pickup has diesel exhaust, so it is using PowerStroke power to pull the huge semi. That comes as no surprise, as these are among the strongest engines on the market today.

What might come as a surprise is the fact that this Super Duty has huge mall crawler wheels and tiny little tires. In most cases, when you see a truck with this type of wheel and tire combo, you can be assured that it has never done any work. However, this video shows that these style of wheel setup doesn’t impact the Super Duty’s ability to do some hard work.

Mind you, the tractor trailer is providing power, but when having a hard time getting traction, the Ford Super Duty keeps the semi moving.

The Community Responds

Much of the conversation following this video questions what engine is under the hood, as it does not have diesel badging, but it does have diesel exhaust, so the community believes that this is a PowerStroke truck. Other than engine discussion, the majority of the posts were all about praising the Motor Company.

“And a Platinum? People say these luxury trucks never do work but look at this man go,” said boideadass.

“If they don’t use this for their Super Bowl commercial they’re stupid,” proclaimed makepancakes-notwar.

“Damn I love ford,” said lxtantas.

“8 cylinders of MURICAN fury,” said daytookRjobz.

Of course, there is always that one person who has to rain on the parade and in this case, it was thejman78, who voiced his distaste for the wheel and tire package.

“I can’t believe this truck could get anywhere with those “upgraded” wheels and tires. I’m getting old, because I look at the rims on the Ford in this video and think about how stupid they are:

  • Tires are more expensive on account of the low profile
  • Low profile tire off-road performance is worse than the standard AT tire that Ford puts on them at the factory (to say nothing of a good aftermarket tire upgrade)
  • The wheels aren’t free, and if you go cheap you get wheel balancing issues, risk wheel cracks, and often find tiny holes that let air bleed off (I’ve had all these problems with cheap wheels at one point or another in my life)
  • Worst of all, they don’t even look that nice IMHO

I get that I’m a hypocrite, having bought rims for cars I’ve owned more times than I care to admit.

But still, WHY? The stock wheels are fine with a good set of tires, right?”

In any case, this Ford Super Duty proves that tough trucks with huge wheels and low-profile tires can still pull big weight.

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