Best Side Steps to Access Your Super Duty Bed?

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Ford Super Duty Extended Running Boards

Accessing your Super Duty bed from the side isn’t exactly easy — unless you use one of these nifty solutions!

These days, accessing any new truck bed isn’t very easy. Even from the factory, the rear is jacked up so high that you have to have the wingspan of an NBA center to reach the inside of the bed from the outside of a truck. That’s especially true of Ford’s Super Duty pickups, of course. So Ford Truck Enthusiasts member 2019er decided to head to the forums and find out how everyone else is doing it. Needless to say, the responses are incredibly helpful. And in some cases, humorous.

“Since the running boards aren’t long enough. Do people carry something in their truck when they need to reach something in the bed behind the cab? Or does everyone climb up in the bed to get to stuff? I was looking at mine. Seems if they were longer, back to almost the wheel well or even a foot or two more, they could be used as a bed step for this purpose.”

Tricon, for one, doesn’t see the need for any fancy steps or special running boards.

“I just step on the tire.”

But several others point out that there is a factory solution for this particular problem. Starting with xxxsherpa, who has OEM extended running boards.

Super Duty Extended Running Boards

PentaPop, along with many others, agree.

“Another vote for the factory extended boards. I use them all the time for digging around in the tool box.”

BowtieConvert has a slightly different method for reaching the bed of his Super Duty, however.

“I have the Amp drop down step in front of the rear wheel. It works pretty good for this old fat man. Can’t seem to be able to post a pic though.”

For those who are looking for a similar aftermarket solution to the OEM extended running boards, Sport45 has a solid suggestion.

“Luverne O-Mega II wheel-to-wheel boards. Wish they were a tad lower, but they get the job done for me.”

Ford Super Duty Extended Running Boards

Member bk4gbay offers yet another aftermarket solution for the modern Super Duty.

“ICI Magnum RT steps wheel-to-wheel, if you want a unique look.”

Ford Super Duty Extended Running Boards

Clearly, there are many options out there for those looking to make accessing the bed of their Super Duty a little easier. Be sure and check them all out by heading over here. And if you’re already using something that nobody has mentioned yet, be sure and show us!

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