Ford Super Duty Smashes the Demolition Competition: Freaky Friday

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White Ford truck hands out many hard shots to challengers before burying a Dodge for the win.

This week’s Freaky Friday video comes to us from the YouTube channel of TheDad and it features an eight-truck demolition derby battle that is dominated by a Ford Super Duty. We don’t know where this footage was captured, but it took place sometime in 2017 in front of a pretty big crowd of enthusiastic spectators. Then again, with demolition derby action like this, with eight big trucks slamming into each other for almost five straight minutes, it is hard not to cheer.

Super Duty #21

There are no details on any of the trucks in this demolition derby and some of them are wrecked before the competition begins, making it hard to tell what they are, but there are several trucks that are easy to identify. The most obvious is the bright white Ford Super Duty that starts at the furthest end of the line coming from the right. We later see that it is number 21, but unlike the rest of the trucks in this battle, it has not been painted up like a proper demo derby machine. Really, it looks like someone may have just driven it in off of the street, painted a number on the mismatched door and went to smashing.

Ford Super Duty Derby Start

During the course of the first few minutes, this Ford truck driver is not shy about getting long runs and slamming into other trucks, doing massive damage to the competitors while standing up nicely to the impacts itself. The white Super Duty provides crushing blows to many of the competitors and as trucks dropped out of contention, it came down to Ford number 21 and Dodge Ram number 83.

Ford Super Duty Hard Shot

The Final Battle

Once all of the other trucks had been rendered immobile, the final clash came down to the white Ford and a silver-and-red Dodge Ram. Both trucks had done significant damage to the competition in the early stages of the derby, so while they were the last two running, they each had major damage of their own.

Ford Super Duty Versus Ram

After exchanging hard hits, the two were gridlocked with about a minute left in the video, each spinning their tires hard in an effort to avoid being shoved backwards into the wall. However, the big Ford eventually overpowers the Dodge and as the Ram is pushed helplessly into the wall, the Super Duty proves to be the toughest truck in the field.

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