This Ford Super Duty Offers the Best of Both Worlds

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There are two worlds in the universe of four-wheel-drive trucks: one is in the sky and the other is in outer space. The former is accessible by wrapping a hand around the A-pillar grab handle and making a high step into the cabin; the latter can only be reached by pogo-sticking onto a trampoline, then firing up a jetpack.

Thanks to its air suspension, the 2008 Ford Super Duty 4X4 you see here offers the best of both of those worlds. It can be jacked up to clear rocks, logs, and Volkswagens, and offer a commanding view of traffic and the next state ahead. To allow entry that doesn’t require the jumping abilities of a juiced-up kangaroo, it lowers to an altitude that doesn’t cause a nosebleed.

You can watch this air-bagged all-in-one take it up and drop it (relatively) low in the following video.

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