TRUCKIN’ FAST Ford F-250 Hillclimber Shows Up a Jeep

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f250 hill climber

This week’s Truckin’ Fast Wednesday video features a Ford F-250 pickup which has been heavily modified for hill climbing action. In fact, this F-250 has been so heavily modified that the weight reduction has led to the full removal of the front sheet metal and the entire cargo box. The result is a Ford F-250 cab, a frame and a drivetrain – which is all that you really need to go racing in the desert.

We don’t get any details on this bare bones Ford F-250, but we can tell that it has a gas V8 with a single exhaust stack at the back of the cab. We see the F-250 storm up the hill through the loose footing a few times and it looks so easy, that you might begin to wonder how hard this hill is to climb.

Then we see a Jeep Wrangler attack the hill and fail, followed by this F-250 climbing the hill just as well as the Jeep – in reverse!

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