Should Ford Bring Back the Excursion?

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2005 Ford Excursion

Gas prices around the country are plummeting. Here in Illinois, prices are actually under $2.00 a gallon, something I haven’t seen in at least a decade.

With those falling prices, consumers are once again flocking to dealerships all over to pick up larger and larger SUVs and trucks. The question then becomes, should we start building things like the Excursion again?


This has actually become a real hot button issue throughout the automotive world for a few key reasons. First, consumers are purchasing an aging lineup of automobiles.

The larger SUVs and trucks really haven’t been updated in quite some time due to the fact that those same consumers were flocking to CUVs and smaller cars. Thus, the consumer is now purchasing an older product.


Second, all of the automakers have invested so much time and effort into each company’s green technology, that it would be almost impossible to separate that investment for at least another decade. These companies couldn’t put a new Excursion type vehicle into production even if they wanted to.


Lastly, do we really want another vehicle like an Excursion? Sure, they’re handy around the holidays or when you’re going on a long road trip, but they’re massive vehicles that gulp down gas like it’s going out of style. This falling gas price trend is going to end sometime, and where will we be then?

2005 Ford Excursion

Folks, these prices aren’t going to last forever. In a few months, gas prices will be back to where they were a year ago. We can’t look to the past in terms of car technology, but rather look towards the future. It’s the only way forward.

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