Ford Raptor is the Best Desert Rescue Tow Truck Ever

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Sometimes people get a bit overconfident in their trucks. The bigger the truck, the more capable it must be, it will be an unstoppable force in any condition and on any surface.

I think that must be what was going through this semi driver’s mind as he decided to trundle directly across a huge swath of sandy desert out in the Middle East.

As you might expect of a big rig, he got himself stuck. Out in the middle of nowhere with no help in sight, it seemed to be a pretty bleak scenario.

At least until someone showed up with a Ford Raptor. You know, a truck that actually is unstoppable.

Tow ratings, hitch classing and general safety protocol be damned. All this Raptor needed was tow strap and a whole bootful of throttle.

It didn’t even really need traction to pull the tractor trailer from its sandy doom. Just watch as this beast tears through the sand with all four wheels spinning, yet it still manages to drag the multi-ton truck from the sand pit it was stuck in.

This video may be filmed in the Middle East, but it sure makes me want to scream, “Hell yeah, America.”

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