Ford Race Truck Lifts All Four Wheels on Launch: Freaky-Ford Friday

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Ford truck proves that too much traction and too much power can be a problem.

This week’s Freaky Friday video comes to us from the JMalcom2004 YouTube channel and it features a wicked Ford race truck doing an insane wheelstand at the drag strip. In most cases, a racer can power through a wheelstand and still have a shot at the win, but this classic pickup rips the wheels up so hard that the whole truck hops off the ground and then slams down. As a result, the Camaro in the near lane cruises to victory.

We came across this video while looking for a Truckin’ Fast Wednesday feature and since the truck doesn’t go very fast for long, it really didn’t fit for that category. However, the fact that this truck got all four wheels off of the ground is pretty insane, so it works for Freaky Friday.

Camaro Vs Ford Truck Staging

The Competitors

The beginning of this video really focuses on the Chevrolet Camaro in the near lane, but we can kind of see the old Ford truck in the far lane. If you watch carefully, you can see it purging the nitrous system as the two prepare to race. According to the details, this old school half-ton truck is powered by some variety of big block V8 ad we know that it is on the bottle.

There are no details on the Camaro in the near lane, but it is safe to guess that it is likely powered by a big block of its own, also running with a bit of nitrous. We do know that this footage was captured during a “shut up and race” grudge racing event at Middle Georgia Motorsports Park, so we can expect that anything pulling into the staging beams is built to hustle down the track.

Ford Truck All Wheels Up

The Battle

After the lengthy preparation process, the Camaro and the Ford truck ease into the staging beams and when the green lights drop, both rip away from the line. The pickup appears to have the lead at first, but about sixty feet from the line, the front end comes way up. In fact, it comes up so hard and so fast that it stands the truck on the back bumper, pulling the rear wheels off of the ground as well.

Ford Race Truck Sparks

This forces the driver to lift and the truck slams down with sparks flying. From there, the Camaro cruised to the win while the old Ford coasted off of the track.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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