1964 Ford F-100 Project Needs Finishing: Marketplace Finds

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1964 Ford F-100

If you don’t mind a little bodywork, this Ford F-100 project looks like a good deal for a potentially nice cruiser.

While many enjoy the satisfaction of extracting an old, rusted out truck from a field and completely restoring it, we like our projects a bit less involved. You know, the kind of job where the owner has already done the grueling stuff. Projects like this nifty 1964 Ford F-100 that we spotted in the Ford Truck Enthusiasts Marketplace, for example. The kind of trucks that we can drive, enjoy, and fix up at the same time.

Even better, we’ve got extensive documentation of the work that’s already been completed on this Ford F-100 project. Because its current owner, svolpone, posted a build thread right here in the FTE forums. And needless to say, he’s put a ton of work into it already. Including stuffing a ’74 model 302 and rebuilt C4 automatic transmission in it.

1964 Ford F-100

This one’s mostly mechanically sound, too. Credit new wiring, ignition, brakes, water pump, and gas tank and gas lines for that. The OP also upgraded a few things along the way, adding a Holly 600 cfm carb and B&M shifter. A new steering column, king pins, and wheels and tires round out the rather attractive package.

A new set of cab mounts also comes with the purchase to replace the rusty originals. And even though there is some additional rot, it doesn’t look like anything that would scare away anyone handy with a welder. Unfortunately, the seller lacks those skills. Thus, he’s decided to part ways with his half-done Ford F-100 project.

1964 Ford F-100

And that creates an opportunity for someone willing to take this pickup to the next level. A little fabrication and body work, and she’d make one killer cruiser. Or, just finish the mechanical tuneup and drive it as is. Either way, this Ford F-100 is one nice deal for the asking price of $5k!

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