Ford Aims to Give You a Clearer Drive

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Concept for adding windshield washer fluid aims to keep you from getting your hands dirty. And if you aren’t mechanically inclined, it could be a godsend.

If you’re a Ford truck enthusiast you probably aren’t intimidated by an engine bay. At the very least you know your way around the basic components, like you know, check the oil level, do a quick look over, and you definitely know how to add windshield washer fluid.

However, not everyone is like you! Heck, some people have filled the engine oil reservoir with windshield washer fluid! Ford’s new patent is exactly for those folks, as it’s hoping to eliminate the need to open the hood. In a new application filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the Blue Oval details its plan to change how people add windshield washer fluid to their vehicles. Apparently, they also believe that people are highly inconvenienced by this task. Hmmm…


“This procedure involves several inconvenient and sometimes frustrating steps,” reads the patent document. “More specifically, on many vehicles, the auxiliary hood-release latch at the front of the motor vehicle is not easy to locate. On many vehicles, one must reach under the hood and run a hand along the top of the motor vehicle grille seeking to locate the lever which is hidden from view. This not only results in dirty hands but also potential frustration if the latch lever is not found quickly.”

Judging by the pictures included in the patent, the truck owner would simply open a compartment built into the grille, where he’d find a place to pour the fluid. While somewhat overworked, this is legitimately a much easier way to add the necessary fluid to any vehicle.



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