O.J. Simpson’s Ford Bronco: Pawn Stars Says ‘No Way!’

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Infamous Bronco recently made a reappearance on reality TV, but this time 22 years older and a heck of a lot more expensive.

We recently shared the news that the world’s most popular Ford Bronco, which was once infamously owned and used as a getaway car by O.J. Simpson, was getting ready to steal the limelight once again. Ever since the June 1994 high-speed chase, the white SUV has made very few appearances, leaving the solace of its secret garage only for exclusive museum appearances.

When Simpson’s manager Mike Gilbert¬†reportedly bought the vehicle in 1995 for $75,000, he managed to play a game of garage shuffle, constantly keeping the SUV’s location unknown in order to protect it from theft and paparazzi. The fact that he suddenly became interested in showing the vehicle on TV and even selling it was something most folks thought he’d never do.

After much consideration, Gilbert decided to show the vehicle to the stars of the hit reality-TV show Pawn Stars. After all, hosts Rick Harrison,¬†Chumlee Russell and their Vegas crew have made a great living and an awesome show bidding and buying celebrity memorabilia. But, most folks weren’t expecting the hefty price tag Gilbert was ready to drop on the family-owned business.

How about $1.3 million! We’ve covered the Bronco’s steady rise in value over the past years, but this is by far the most expensive Bronco ever to hit the market. While the infamous ride is in excellent shape, it’s certainly not a million-dollar vehicle. Or is it?

On Pawn Stars‘ August 14 episode, the show hosts claimed that the truck’s history simply didn’t merit the exorbitant¬†rise in value, and then, of course, was the valuation itself. Not only did they snub the fact the vehicle was involved in a homicide investigation but said the price was simply ridiculous.

What do you think, is O.J. Simpson’s Bronco a good investment, or nothing but Hollywood memorabilia?

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