2008 Ford F-550 is the Perfect Race Hauler

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Ford F-550 Hauler Side

F-550 will carry your Ford Mustang to the track while you ride in luxury.

While flipping through the listings for Ford trucks on the Mecum website, we came across this incredible 2008 F-550. With a roomy, leather-clad cabin, this truck is every Ford racer’s dream hauler, allowing them to cruise to the track in comfort and style with an old-school NHRA approach.

The Old NHRA Look

While most modern day drag racing teams have massive, elaborate towing rigs with fancy enclosed trailers protecting their cars and tools from the elements, drivers in the early era of the NHRA hauled their cars to the track in modified heavy duty trucks. In most cases, whichever brand of race car you drove would lead to the brand of truck that carried your car to the track, so Ford racers in the 1960s would have used a rollback-style Ford truck.

Ford F-550 Hauler Driver Rear

Nowadays, a professional racer wouldn’t consider an open-style hauler, but open trailers are still a common site at the local drag strip. In most cases, Mustang racers will use a Ford truck to pull the trailer, but this 2008 F-550 with the custom drive-on hauling deck would serve as the perfect “tow vehicle” to show off the car on the way to the drag strip.

Ford F-550 Front

A Custom Hauler

This F-550 has been fitted with a huge drive-on hauling area and it appears as though a set of ramps tucked in the rear end are used to get vehicles on and off, as opposed to a rollback that tilts down to the ground. The hauling area is huge, so you could fit an average car on desk with plenty of room for a golf cart or some other pit vehicle. In fact, there is enough room that you could probably install a toolbox of some sort on the front portion while still having room for a car and a pit vehicle.

Ford F-550 Side Rear

In addition to having plenty of hauling space, this 2008 Ford F-550 has a loaded interior with plush leather seats and a premium infotainment system, so a Mustang racer could take the car to the track in comfort. Also, with a 6.0-liter PowerStroke diesel, this rig has plenty of power to carry everything loaded up out back.

Ford F-550 Hauler Interior

If you have a Ford race car and want to haul it with a big, slick Ford truck, this could be your next big purchase.

Ford F-550 Hauler Front Corner


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