This Ford F-150 Raptor Hot-Tub Edition Will Make You Want to Party

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There’s not much that needs to be said about this freakish creation that seems fun and tacky at the same time. The Ford F-150 Raptor hot tub edition is either everything you’ve ever dreamed of, or everything you’ve ever hated.

The Globe and Mail brings us this prototype truck straight out of the Joe Dirt movie. Just imagine being the richest dude at the local mud-bog in your hot tub Ford F-150 Raptor. Girls in Bikinis and all.


The Magwa concept was born when its designers combined the words “mobile” and “agua” (water in Spanish), which makes me think, shouldn’t that be “Magua” then? Any how, the Magwa features a special┬ácargo box that can be transformed into a hot tub/party machine. The Montreal-based designer, Adolfo Esquivel is responsible for the 3-D renderings, and he carefully considered a water filtration system, as well as a thermal unit to warm up the water using solar power. And because no hot tub party truck would be complete without a sound system, the Magwa features enormous speakers on the roof and even a touchscreen.


Needless to say, the Magwa will guarantee you instant fame and lots of hot chicks hanging out with you drinking champagne and partying in your truck, as illustrated by these stock renderings.


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Photos via: [Globe and Mail]

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