Answers to Your Questions About the 2017 Ford Super Duty – Part 1 of 2

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You all have plenty of information about the 2017 Ford Super Duty. You probably have your orders in, too. Despite that, there’s something else a lot of you have: questions.

So I reached out to some of my Ford contacts and got you some answers (more to come in the near future). I’ve put them below:

Q: “On the dual rear wheel models, does the traction control continue to be only throttle based or is it also brake based now?”

A: “It is now brake-based, with full Electronic Stability Control and Roll Stability Control on all 2017 Super Duty models, including F350-F550 DRW.”

Q: “Can the trailer camera input handle more than one camera? I’ve got 2 on my horse trailer (1 backup view, 1 interior).”

A: “The trailer connector can accommodate one camera.”

Q: “Have 0-60 times improved with the stronger motors?”

A: “Acceleration times (0-60, passing, etc.) have not changed significantly with the 17 MY as peak HP for both the 6.2L and 6.7L are unchanged compared to the outgoing product. The improvements in both engines are in the low to mid-range of engine speed where customers spend a majority of time driving. The increased torque for 17 MY will provide our customers improved drivability, gradeability and throttle response.”

Q: “How will an aftermarket grill guard affect the front camera performance?”

A: “It depends on the grille guard itself and what it looks like and whether it obstructs the camera field of view. It’s possible that it may not have much of an impact, but the impact could also be significant (i.e. blocking some or all of the view) depending on how it fits on the grille. There are no error messages if the guard sits in front of the camera, but the camera would see the bar in its view.”

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