Ford Doubling Production Run of Next-Generation GT to Four Years

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Ford Performance recently decided it wants to race the new GT in IMSA and World Endurance Championship (WEC) series races for the next four years. Even if it loses at every single one of those events, the automotive enthusiast world has already won because, in support of that decision and to better satisfy demand for the Blue Oval’s Lambo fighter, Ford Performance is going to produce the road-going GT for two more years, for a total of four.

People who didn’t get onto the list to buy one of the GTs during its original two-year production run will feel victorious, too. According to Ford, “Year three of production will support applicants who were placed on the wait list; previously deferred applicants and those who missed the initial application window will be served by production year four.” Ford will fire up the application process for fourth-year production GTs in early 2018. People who previously applied for the chance to own one of the carbon fiber supercars will need to update their application info.

This means the rest of us will have twice as many chances to see Ford’s most ambitious performance machine ever out on the road. It probably also means that automotive speculators are clenching their fists and grinding their teeth.

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