Ford F-Vision is a Look at the Future of Heavy Trucks

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Ford F-Vision Front

Zero-emissions Ford big rig drives itself and just plain looks badass.

Ford Motor Company recently used the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Germany to introduce the future of their legendary truck family, but it isn’t a new F-Series pickup. According to Fox News, the F-Vision is a zero-emission, self-driving big rig with a front end that changes colors and shifts the overall look with never-before-seen technology. While this is purely a concept vehicle, it shows some of the crazy technology that the company is working on as they look to the future.

Self-Driving, Zero-Emissions

Ford was short on the drivetrain details, but we know that the F-Vision is a Level 4 autonomous vehicle. This means that the truck will drive itself in some situations, but it still requires some human input. In other words, it isn’t like the cab in Total Recall, where every aspect of the vehicle is computer-operated. A driver will still have to start the vehicle and direct it, but in certain pre-defined areas or on the highway, this Ford truck will be able to drive without any human input.

Ford F-Vision in a Tunnel

As for being a zero-emissions vehicle, we only know that it is powered by some sort of electric drivetrain. Ford didn’t offer any information on the electric drive, nor did they state any range figures.

Transforming Face

Pretty much everything about the Ford F-Vision is unique when compared to any sort of modern, road-going vehicle, but there are lots of self-driving, zero-emission concept cars being displayed at events around the world. Those features don’t make the F-Vision unique from other models, but the exterior styling is unlike anything in the world.

Ford F-Vision on the Road with a Trailer

The front end of the F-Vision is made of material that can change colors, so when the truck is in self-driving mode, the windshield switches from being tinted black to having the silver body color blend in, nearly wrapping around to the front of the vehicle. Along the same lines, the area between the F-Series-like LED headlights changes color, so it can turn white to serve as daytime running lights or it can flash orange to serve as a turn signal.

You can watch the face of the F-Vision transform in the video below from the Ford of Turkey YouTube channel.

Concept Only

Right now, the F-Vision is purely a concept vehicle, but we could see aspects of this truck on future production vehicles. Also, as autonomous technology becomes more popular, we might just see a production version of the F-Vision, hopefully with the same cool front end design.

Ford F-Vision Rear

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