Ranger Rockets into the Mid-10s

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Ford really should have built some Ranger pickups that were a little more like this one.

This week’s “Truckin’ Fast Wednesday” video comes to us from the Billet Specialties YouTube channel and it features an impressive first generation Ford Ranger. This purpose-built race truck covers the quarter mile in the 10-second range, allowing it to take down a new Ranger race truck in a duel of built compact pickups.

Amanda Saad’s Race Truck

The Ford Ranger race truck in the video above is piloted by Amanda Saad. There are no stated details accompanying the video, but we can learn plenty from the brief walk-around at the start of the video. The engine bay picture is dark and shadowy, but we can see that it is a naturally aspirated V8 engine with Holley EFI. The truck has skinny front-runner wheels over Wilwood brakes and big, fat Hoosier slicks out back.

Amanda Saad Ranger Parked

We can also see that it has an aftermarket suspension setup and a proper safety cage, but this Ranger appears to maintain its stock sheet metal. It might have some fiberglass bits here and there, but aside from the bars extending from the rear of the cab, this compact pickup looks similar to how it looked when new.

Saad Ranger Engine

However, it sure doesn’t run like it did when new.

The Battle

After the lead-in portion of the video where we get a variety of close-up looks at this Ford Ranger race truck, the footage heads to the track, where we watch this truck and another, newer Ranger cleaning off the tires. They both ease to the starting line and when the green lights drop, both compact pickups roar down the track.

Saad Ranger Burnout

It is hard to tell, but we enlarged the timing board on the top end and Saad’s truck laid down an awesome 10.55 at 126 miles per hour while it sounds like the announcer says that the white truck ran an 11-something at 124 miles per hour. In any case, it looks like this dark red Ranger got the win.

Saad Ranger Launch

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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