Ford F-150: The Recyclable Truck

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Ford’s decision to switch the body and bed of the F-150 from steel to lightweight aluminum was made in order to give the truck greater hauling and towing capabilities, and better fuel economy. The Blue Oval chose to make its money-maker meaner and greener.

That’s not the only way in which the half-ton pickup is green, though. That’s because of a process called “closed loop recycling.”

In performing that, Ford gathers the metal scraps left over after the production of an F-150, separates the aluminum in them from other metals, then divides the aluminum into six different alloys. It cleans those, shreds them, and puts them in special trucks that take them to one of Ford’s aluminum suppliers. There, the metal is melted down to burn out impurities. Once it’s shaped into coils, those are sent back to Ford for stamping back into body panels.

If your aluminum F-150 has fabric seats, guess what – the fibers of those are recycled, too. You and your family sit on approximately 30 former plastic water bottles every time you go somewhere in your Ford truck.

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