Yeehaw! Texas Ford Monster Truck to the Rescue!

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monster truck

Everything is bigger in Texas they say, and this insanely tall Ford “monster truck” seems to prove the old adage correct. Though this time, such brute vehicle was put to good use!

Perhaps you’ve seen on TV the nightmare that many unlucky Texans are having to face, as historical rain fall has destroyed entire towns across the Lone Star State, leaving people homeless, stranded, and in some cases, facing near-death situations due to rising water. But thanks to one smart cookie and his Ford pickup, a few extra people are safe and sound tonight.

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Cole Geeo, a resident of Parker County, Texas, took it upon himself to rescue nearby neighbors onboard his massively modified Ford pickup truck, which features tires the size of modern day SUVs and even requires a ladder to get inside. Geeo went from house to house lending a helping hand to stranded people, and simply said it was the “right thing to do.”

monster truck

When asked what his plans were if the truck didn’t cut it, he answered: “This didn’t work we were gonna get the boat,” Cole told WFAA 8 in a proud and heroic tone.

Though authorities advice to leave the rescuing to the professionals, it’s commendable to see communities watching each other’s backs.

Kudos, Cole!

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