Here’s Proof Prices for Original Ford Ranchero Customs are Skyrocketing

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The Ford Ranchero was first introduced for the 1957 model year. The higher trim level was called the Ranchero Custom, and it’s the only year of the car pickup that had single headlights like the one you see here.┬áIt’s getting harder and harder to see these Customs with their two-tone paint jobs and chrome lining in good shape, and the price of this recent auction reflects that.

According to Hemmings, current valuation says these should be worth $40,000-50,000, but in 2014, one sold for $60,000. And now this year, at a Houston Mecum auction, this example sold for an eye-bulging $100,000.


Though the Customs were top-notch in their time, the person who most recently restored this Ranchero decided it need a bit of upgrading and put in an under-dash air conditioning system, an AM/FM radio, and a quartz clock. Does that really make a difference in what this car is worth? Nah, it shouldn’t, so it’s still shocking this thing sold for so much. If you see one of these ’57 Customs for a decent price, it might be worth it to pick it up and see what you could get in return with a little restoration.

[Via Hemmings]

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