Ford Explorer Flawlessly Jumps Two Puddles

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FTE Jump

Jumping a Ford truck isn’t a hard thing to do, but jumping a Ford truckĀ well is substantially more difficult. After all, anyone can total their ride by throwing in off a cliff, but it takes a certain degree of skill to take a jump flawless and land in one piece.

While we’ve certainly seen many rides that have survived various degrees of horrendous jumps, most of that is a tribute to the wonderful engineering that Ford puts into their rigs rather than driver skill. However, today’s video is a bit different!

In the clip we’ll be watching today we get to see a guy take not one, butĀ two, jumps in a row and land in a rather perfect fashion. The leap takes place on a dirt road, where three massive puddles have formed.

The driver’s goal is to jump the first and second puddles and land in the third. Amazingly, he accomplishes this goal and manages to smoothly bound from puddle to puddle.

Check out the video below and see it for yourself!

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