Cars & Coffee-Ready 1940’s Fashioned Flashy ’32 Ford Roadster

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Take a moment to admire this expert-built, road-tested 1940’s fashioned ‘32 Ford Roadster sporting coveted hot rod speed-ready componentry. This ‘32 Roadsters auction ended the other day on eBay and it was quite the battle of 51 bids. It ended without a winner from the reserve not being met. Fat chance it’ll jump back onto eBay immediately, but maybe. In this case, let’s whet your appetite with few reminders why your garage should be the next home for this 1930’s pin up girl in ‘40’s attire.

Fitted onto an authentic factory FoMoCo 1932 Ford frame is a reproduction Brookville 1932 Hiboy Roadster open-wheel body. It appears to be top quality pre-assembly, installation, fit and paint. He went with the steel body which is truer with the traditional metal instead of the fiberglass option. Finished with an open engine and slimmed down windscreen captures that 1940’s lightweight hot rod look with a leaner physique. Accenting its athletic profile up front is a dropped “heavy” 1932 axle achieving a lower center of gravity.

The interior is impressive also. Check out the host era-esque design features from the meters to the contact points like its steering, handles, restraints and upholstery. The LeBaron Bonney Leather in cognac brown looks timeless with the deviating black gloss exterior. What a show stopper!

It will stop the show at your local Cars & Coffee when they hear this 250 cubic inch Flathead V8 firing out sweet American tunes. This Vern Tardel/Ed Binggeli built 59AB V8 pumps with primo parts like Thomas air cleaner, twin Stromberg carbs, ELCO twin-plug heads, Nash dual-coil distributor, Ross pistons, nickel-plated headers and a 3/8 Potvin Super crank. Reconsidering? Keep your eyes on eBay for this to go active again.

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